This is my first party. What should I expect?
Naked, sexy men playing cards, PS4 and adult fun in the back room. Unlike other parties we encourage socializing. There are designated areas for socializing and other mature activities. If you come and just want to play spades and PS4 with sexy, naked men that is fine. If you decide to go to the back room do not hold conversations. You will be asked to return to the front. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

I don’t meet the physical requirements. Can I still come to the party?
Only guys who get an invite from Beast or one of the Beast Boys is allowed to attend. All guests are screened. Our clientele have expectations we strive to meet. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. Acceptance based on pics is not a guarantee to entry.

Do I have to be naked?
All guests are completely nude in the party. Anyone going back and forth about the nude policy will be asked to leave. The only exception is wearing a jockstrap with the ass hanging out. Some weekends are under parties and will be specified on the flyer.

Can I keep my phone on me?
No cell phones or any recording devices are allowed. Many guest choose to leave their phones in their car. No one wants to be worried about being recorded during our discreet events. Anyone found with a phone on their person during the party will be escorted out and blacklisted from all events. We will also inform other party promoters of the violation.

Can I peek into the party before paying and coming inside?
Guests are welcome to attend parties just to watch but you cannot “sample” the crowd without entering as well. Our guests expect privacy and we honor that expectation.

Where do my clothes and belongings go?
All personal possessions are placed in bags and numbered. Upon leaving the host or one of the Beast Boys will get your belongings. Do not attempt to retrieve your own bag or go near the storage area. We take securing guests’ belongings very seriously.

Do you provide safe sex supplies?
While we offer condoms and lube we encourage you to bring you favorite brand of condoms, lube and poppers. Showers are provided along with soap and towels. Wash clothes are freely accessible to wash up between engagements.

Can I access my phone during the party or step out to take a call?
There is no phone use during the party and no in and out. Anyone asking for access to their bag will be asked to leave and have to pay a reentry fee to come back. If you have people meeting you at the party make those arrangements before entering.

How many guys typically come to the party?
We’ve never had less than 40+ guys come to a party. Holidays and parties with special guests typically bring 75+ guys. The XKlusiV team utilizes a variety of social media, personal contacts and promotional events to attract a sexy group of men.

How do I get on the Invite List?
KIK is the best way to procure an invitation. Provide pictures. You will not be considered if you don’t have a clear, front body picture. With KIK’s new video chat feature we are now asking potential guest to video chat as well.